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Message from the President
The noodle cuisine is one of the favorite foods in China, not only most of the consumers like it, but also a variety of noodle foods are now available all over the world which meet the consumers’ individual requirements. At present, SING-LIN FOODS CORPORATION is one of the leading companies in Taiwan specialized in manufacturing dry noodle and steam ramen products, and is endeavoring to promote its production of more delicious noodle products for the long run. We are confident in ourselves that with our enriched experiences in manufacturing noodle products together with our efforts in creating new healthy and delicious products, we can offer everybody perfect noodle products, in order to feedback the patronage of our vast consumers. Your continuous support will be highly appreciated.

Concept of Management and Future Development

At present, we are one of the leading companies in Taiwan who manufacture food products by fully automatic computer controlled equipments. With the modern productivity, excellent R&D and initiative marketing, we are confident that we can promote our noodle products to meet the requirements of both domestic and foreign consumers, so that everybody can enjoy the delicious noodle products at any time.

In future, we are aiming to reach the goal to offer the “global favorite products” and sincerely hope that the consumers will give us further support and encouragement, enabling us to get improved continuously in future.

The SING-LIN FOODS CORPORATION was established in 1985. We introduced Japanese technical know-how to manufacture dry noodles and quick-served steam ramen to offer varieties of different healthy and delicious noodles to public consumers. Furthermore, we have established sufficient sound trade channels in Taiwan to facilitate the local consumers for purchase. Besides, we are endeavoring to promote our export markets worldwide as well. In 1995, SING-LIN has completed its establishment of a new modern noodle manufacturing plant in the City of Nantou, producing more than 50 varieties of noodle products with an output of 200,000 cartons of noodles per month. Facilitated with modern computer program controlled fully automatic machinery and equipments under strict quality and hygiene controls, we can offer the consumers high quality assured noodle products.

In future, SING-LIN as usual will try its utmost effort to use the existing modern production capacity and the product development and marketing ability to offer the consumers more selections of high quality products with reasonable price offer, so that everybody can enjoy the noodle foods at any time. Additionally, we are endeavoring to develop more new products in the long run to promote Chinese noodle food culture. Your continuous patronage and support will be highly appreciated


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